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Novelia evaluates and supports the development of relevant competencies for your success.

We evaluate a person’s ability to fit in and positively impact your organisation.

As a nationwide operating firm, Novelia unites renowned assessment experts, providing objective evaluations of a person’s competencies and potential and enhancing your company’s human capital.

Our services are available in French, German, Italian and English.


Thanks to our stringent methodology and our consultants’ extensive experience in assessments and proficiency as assessors, Novelia is positioned among Switzerland’s top-tier providers of assessment centres.


We offer quick availability and high flexibility to respond to your requirements and challenges.


We understand your operational constraints and provide practical solutions, reliable insights, and business-oriented recommendations.


We communicate transparently and place the human factor at the core of our efforts, offering enriching experiences to our candidates.


We use innovative, validated instruments to assess emerging skills, ensuring tomorrow’s employability of your employees.