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A reliable approach, backed by
validated and practically proven instruments, for consistent quality results


Our assessment centre employs a range of validated tools and combines multiple selection tools to achieve better predictive accuracy.

Novelia designs tailor-made programs based on clients’ specific requirements. Each assessment mandate is unique, necessitating distinct analysis and preparation. The assessment design reflects realistic scenarios of the position under discussion.

Novelia builds assessments on a repository of key competencies that align with market demands and are at the forefront of behavioural science research. We evaluate the skills that will be in highest demand in tomorrow’s organizations.


Stage 1

Evaluate the client’s request and specific needs.

Analyse the position, its challenges, the company culture, and organizational values.

Define a set of key competencies and essential soft skills for success.


Stage 2

Develop a customized assessment centre tailored to your requirements.

Create realistic scenarios for business cases, role-plays and other elements of the assessment.

Select adequate tools, questionnaires, and multidimensional psychometric tests.


Stage 3

Provide assessment and feedback by trained and experienced assessors.

Ensure a positive and enriching experience for participants.

Conduct assessments in accordance with SQS/Swiss Assessment standards.


Stage 4

Perform dual assessments of competencies applying a four-eyes principle.

Prepare a clear and structured report on strengths and development areas, and recommendations for development and/or onboarding.


Stage 5

Deliver and present the assessment report to the client in detail and offer clear recommendations.

Provide feedback sessions to each candidate.