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How do the candidate profiles and the requirements align?

Who will have a positive impact on your organization?

An assessment evaluates the relevant competencies of the shortlisted candidates for a key position reliably and objectively, aiming to identify the best possible fit for the role and explore a person’s ability to fit in and positively impact his or her environment.

The goal is to gain sufficient confidence in the recruitment decision for both parties and to support the success of candidates within the organization to the best extent possible.

Novelia’s assessments are more than a decision support; it provides guidance and assistance in the final selection process. Candidates can delve deeper into the job requirements and the company’s culture, receiving valuable insights for a successful onboarding process.

Our further expertise

  • The development assessment enhances your employees' potential, ensuring that their skills evolve in sync with changing professional requirements.

  • Group Assessments help to evaluate a group of candidates as part of their individual development journey. Team Assessments are designed to gain insights on Team effectiveness, e.g., for a Board or for an Executive Committee.