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When it comes to recruitment tools, assessment centres top the list for predictability and reliability..

Novelia plays a crucial role in developing your future leaders. We specifically evaluate a broad spectrum of leadership competencies and motivational drivers that align with your corporate culture, and an individual’s psychological resources.

Our assessment is centred on the most relevant (soft) skills in today’s business landscape, linking candidate’s competencies to your organization’s present and future requirements.

Novelia’s consultants provide a holistic analysis of your needs, resulting in tailored proposals aligned with your expectations.

We strive to understand your organization’s culture and challenges to be able to provide relevant, reliable advice to secure success of candidates in their roles. 

Our assessments provide enriching experiences for candidates, fostering their professional development and enhancing your organization’s value.

Our expertise

  • Our selection assessments reliably and objectively evaluate the skills of final internal or external candidates for a key position, verifying their suitability for the role.

  • The development assessment enhances your employees' potential, ensuring that their skills evolve in sync with changing professional requirements.

  • Group Assessments help to evaluate a group of candidates as part of their individual development journey. Team Assessments are designed to gain insights on Team effectiveness, e.g., for a Board or for an Executive Committee.